What is Double Glazing

Double glazing can be a complicated if you don’t have someone explain it to you in simple and easy to understand terms. The point today’s post is exactly that. to remove the tech talk that goes over most peoples heads and just get to the point. Have a read below or watch the video is you re more visual.

So what is double glazing?

The basics of double glazing is the quite simple to explain. You have two panes of glass, an outside pane and an inside pane. In the middle there is a gap of air. That gap can be just air or it can be pressurized with some kind of gas. If gas is used it’s likely to be argon gas.

Some people think that laminated glass is double glazing laminated glass. This is not the gas. Laminated glass is exactly what the name describes. It’s glass with a laminate coating. You don’t have two panes of glass like you do in double glazing.

Laminated glass is two panes of glass that are stuck together with a layer of plastic in between the two. So it’s still one pane of glass.

The officially have a double glazed window you need the two panes of glass in the same frame. And those glass panes are separated by an air pocket of gas. And the confused you even more there is something called secondary glazing. This is basically fake double glazing. While more efficient that single glazing it’s pretty much just design to mimic the effects of double glazing but it’s far from the real thing.

So hopefully this keeps things simple. In short, double glazing it two panes of glass in the same window frame that are separated. It’s that simple!