Are Eco-Friendly Windows Right for your Home?

If you need to replace your windows or are dealing with a new home your getting constructed then choosing the most environmentally efficient window is not just good for you wallet over the long run but it’s also good for the planet.

Inefficient windows will cost you a lot. We all have that one ‘tight’ friend who refuses to pay for quality yet they complain about the sky high energy bills in winter. Don’t be that guy!

It’s much better to pay more upfront when your windows are installed. The more heat you keep in your home during winter and out during summer though double glazing means the more you keep in your pocket with reduced energy bills.

But how do you know if you are making the right choice? Especially if you have no idea about what is involved in picked a good eco-friendly window.

Window Energy Ratings

The best way to pick a ‘green’ window if you are ‘green’ at knowing anything about Eco-freindly windows, yes, pun intended! Is to use energy ratings.

The easiest way to explain this is by doing a comparison. You have most likely owned a fridge or air conditioner in the past right. Well, you know that funky looking sticker on the front that tells you the star rating and how many KWh the device will use for one year or average usage.

Well, it’s the same for double glazed windows. The BRFC is a council that oversees different energy rating aspects. They created and monitor window energy ratings. So it’s something that is official and government backed in the UK. So you can be rest assured with your read that a certain window is a certian energy rating then it will keep a certain amount of heat in or out.

Understanding Energy Ratings

It’s quite simply to understand UK energy ratings. The system is called WER or Window Energy Ratings. Yes, the council is a creative bunch aren’t they!

Windows are rated from A to G (like shown to the left) with A being the best and G being the one you should throw in the bin!

So it’s a very simple system and the easiest way to explain it is like this.

You don’t want to over pay for double glazed windows. But you also don’t want to by absolute rubbish. Think of an A rated window as an expensive Ferrari that you really don’t need and G as the car that is going to break down that you really don’t want.

If you are on a budget then going for a C rated window is perfectly fine. If you have more of a budget go for a B rated window. But never buy windows that are rated lower than D as it’s not worth it.

Hopefully this short explanation on how to pick a energy rated window has been useful!

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